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So excited to be a part of The American Dream airing Saturdays starting April 21 at 7:30 PM on CBS!! Tune in to learn about construction trends in Charlotte.  Learn more at http://www.americandreamnetwork.tv/

OMG, My Dream Home is Under Contract!

You’ve had a long day at work and you’ve been actively searching for a home on your own for a couple of months. You finally take a few minutes to review the property search you’ve set up for yourself on one of those big search sites and THERE IT IS!!! You’re dream home is on […]

Top Things Experienced Agents Know and Do

When selling a property on septic tank, they pull the county septic permit showing how many bedrooms are permitted for the house When selling a new home, they check with the county to ensure that the street is maintained by the city and if it’s not, they work on obtaining a private road maintenance agreement […]

Tips For Selling in a Hot Market

Selling your home in a hot real estate market? Here are a few tips to hire the best agent and position your home in the market: Ask your agent to prepare a market analysis and review it with you. Make sure that you and your agent agree on how each of the key features of […]

Builders are Back in Business

Have you noticed that the builders are back in business and building new homes again?  Imagine it’s Saturday afternoon and you are driving by a new community.  You decide to make a quick stop in the model home to get some decorating ideas and learn more about the community.  Next thing you know…you’re in LOVE […]