Terry Realty Group

  • When selling a property on septic tank, they pull the county septic permit showing how many bedrooms are permitted for the house
  • When selling a new home, they check with the county to ensure that the street is maintained by the city and if it’s not, they work on obtaining a private road maintenance agreement
  • When preparing for inspections, they make sure that all parts of the home are accessible to the home inspector BEFORE the day of the inspection
  • When marketing a home, they make sure that the photos are professional and bright
  • When showing property, they park on the street whenever possible to allow the buyer to park in the driveway
  • When working through the transaction, they know that the utilities to the home have to be working for the inspector AND the appraiser
  • When something is broken, they take action to get the issue resolved promptly
  • And best of all, you know you have the right agent when they LISTEN more than they talk