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Purchasing a home is a major milestone that tops one’s lifetime to-do list. Terry Realty Group has the tools and expertise to make the process exciting and stress free. Our optimistic, can-do approach to purchasing a home allows our clients to do just that–experience the excitement! Are you looking for a fresh real estate experience?  Contact us today!

Major Steps in Purchasing Your Next Home

Find the Right Real Estate Professional

Real estate agents are important partners when you’re buying or selling a home. When you partner with Terry Realty Group we will provide you with helpful information on homes and neighborhoods that isn’t easily accessible to the public. Our knowledge of the home buying process, negotiating skills and familiarity with the area you want to live in can be extremely valuable.

Get Pre-qualified/Know What You Can Afford

Before you start looking for a home, you will need to know how much you can actually spend. The best way to do that is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This is where Terry Realty Group can help. We work with several experienced, trusted mortgage lenders that can assist you with the pre-qualification process. To get pre-qualified, you’ll need to provide some financial information, such as your income and the amount of savings and investments you have. The lender will review this information and tell you how much they can lend you, which will give you an idea of the price range of the homes you should look at. Later, you will get pre-approved for your mortgage, which involves providing your financial documents (W-2 statements, paycheck stubs, bank account statements, etc.) so the lender can verify your financial status and credit.

Shop for Your Home and Make an Offer

After you are pre-qualified, we can start touring homes in your price range. Terry Realty Group provides you with the latest search tools to help you find homes for sale you may like either online or with our mobile APP. We suggest seeing 4-5 homes at a time and it might be helpful to take notes & pictures to remember the details of each home. We’ll help by pointing out any issues or considerations with the property or neighborhood as we tour the homes.

Take as much time as you need to find the right home. And when you do, we’ll work together to determine a fair offer based on the value of comparable homes in the neighborhood. Our time-tested market experience allows us to negotiate the best possible transaction for our clients. Once you and the seller have reached agreement on a price and other terms of the contract, we’ll continue to work together to complete the remaining steps in the home buying process so you can quickly move and settle into your new home!

Home Inspection/Appraisal/Mortgage Approval

Details, details, details and there are a lot of them in the final stretch of the home buying process. Don’t worry, we have this covered too. Our knowledgeable and experienced team keeps this part of the home buying process moving and you informed every step of the way to ensure a smooth closing. We’ll arrange the home inspection to identify any needed repairs to the property and request/negotiate the repairs you desire. We also work closely with your lender to monitor key dates and milestones in the process, such as the appraisal. The lender will arrange for an appraiser to provide an independent estimate of the value of the house you are buying. Last, we will schedule your closing and coordinate items such as title insurance and a survey of the property with the closing attorney. Have questions? No worries. We are here to help and make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Close the Sale & Moving Day!

At closing, you will sign all of the paperwork required to complete the purchase, including your loan documents. Usually the day before closing, we’ll receive a settlement statement from the closing attorney. The settlement statement will be reviewed for accuracy and we will advise you of the funds needed to close. After the documents are signed, you’ll receive the keys to your new home! We take pride and pleasure in seeing you through the process of purchasing your new home. WELCOME HOME!

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