OMG, My Dream Home is Under Contract!

You’ve had a long day at work and you’ve been actively searching for a home on your own for a couple of months. You finally take a few minutes to review the property search you’ve set up for yourself on one of those big search sites and THERE IT IS!!! You’re dream home is on the market, the pictures are awesome, it doesn’t back up to a power tower or train track, and it has all the features you want.... View Full Post

Top Things Experienced Agents Know and Do

When selling a property on septic tank, they pull the county septic permit showing how many bedrooms are permitted for the house When selling a new home, they check with the county to ensure that the street is maintained by the city and if it’s not, they work on obtaining a private road maintenance agreement When preparing for inspections, they make sure that all parts of the home are accessible to the home inspector BEFORE the day of the inspection... View Full Post